Contest: Name my New Scent

September 1, 2009


For all my creative friends and supporters, something fun… Come up with a name for my newest Realms scent and win a gift basket. The scent is a subtle white musk that reminds me of winter, ice crystals and making snow angels in piles of powder. If you have ever visited a magical winter place…or imagined such a place…please post a comment with your best one-word name. Please have your entries in by September 28th. Don’t forget to post a way for me to get in touch with you in case your entry wins!

8 Responses to “Contest: Name my New Scent”

  1. flippy said


    (Latin for “ice”)

  2. linda sue said

    Snowman poop- Hi Sweetie cakes- long time no see- been busy and had to take roids for an illness BLOOMED into a bloated mass, damn! Busy summer- hate to see the weather change!

  3. linda sue said

    ‘first snow’- hope it is not anytime soon! looking forward to seeing you at Allied Arts!

  4. Paula conforti said

    Love your lotion, but don’t know how to any?

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