Recovering from the holidays

January 15, 2010

feeling a little ridiculous

The holiday crafts fair season went way beyond my expectations. Not having a clue how Allied Arts was going to go, I also booked myself into three additional crafts fairs. It was a little crazy, with my other job, and holiday festivities at our house. Needless to say, I won’t be doing that next year, although I love Amy’s Festival of Lights fair. It wasn’t real busy, but swapping gems with the other artists and crafters is a total gas.

Allied Arts turned out to be an incredible venue for me. Realms sold really well; it blew me away.

A couple things I learned: 1) people like to try on their scents in private, and 2) I need to clone myself.


One Response to “Recovering from the holidays”

  1. linda sue said

    I LOVE the second suggestion- I could use a clone of you since Kevin has the real you…your clone and I would live in a little cabin by a stream where we would catch goldfish for breakfast…Still dysfunctional here- been one half year- still turmoil because, well you know…LOVE love LOVE your pretty box full of pretties – sorry I have not gotten back to you re: pretty box with pretties…no excuse will do!

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