pink carnation

In honor of moms everywhere, I bring you Dianamour, my newest scent. It is a very realistic carnation, that brings me back to when I was a little girl walking to school and passed by my neighbor’s carnation bush. I would walk slower, drinking in its intoxicating scent.

From the scientific name Dianthus, it roughly translates to flower of love or flower of the gods, depending on the source.  The carnation’s history dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. The pink carnation in particular symbolizes a mother’s undying love.

A small group of crafters and makers of specialty foods are starting up a Saturday market. It’s going to be located at the landmark Farmhouse Restaurant, just off Hwy. 20 as you’re headed toward Anacortes.

A brand new Saturday market

I’m delighted to be in on the ground floor. We’re opening the first weekend in May — and with the weather like it has been, the tulips are a little late, so they may be in full bloom for the opening. Just hoping Mother Nature will be shining on us too.