New Women's Shaving Mug & Boar Bristle Brush

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on the bathroom counter, watching my Dad shave. He had a substantial ceramic shaving mug. He would get the water steaming hot before he soaked his brush and then work the soap into a thick lather.

It made an impression on me. A few years back, I began making men’s shaving soap in my Jaffna scent (a great sandalwood). My husband Kev, who has a heavy beard, was my tester.  I finally came up with a winning recipe where I add Bentonite clay, which allows the razor to glide easier. He swears by it, saying it gives him the smoothest shave he’s ever had. Even around his Adam’s Apple, the razor never gets hung up. One day, I tried it  and was so pleased, that I ended up putting a mug in the shower permanently.

It got me wondering if other women might like it.

So, I am pleased to announce the debut of my new rose colored shaving mug for women. The set includes a thick boar bristle brush and my own shaving soap in a brand new scent: Vinaerys, a delicate sweet pea. The set is now part of my Realms family.


Realms family: (front, left to right) men's shaving mug, mini-lotion, Jojoba oil roll-on perfume & shea butter soaps, (back row left to right) foaming hand soap, women's shaving mug, 8 oz. lotion, 8 oz. shower gel & non-aerosol room spray.