Images from the Allied Arts Holiday Festival

December 5, 2012

There is some amazing art at this year’s Allied Arts Holiday Festival. Semilla Design’s seed jewelry is fantastic.

Semilla Designs' Seed Jewelry

Semilla Designs’ Seed Jewelry

I love this red mouthed vase.

Red mouthed vase

Red mouthed vase

The displays are often as creative as the pieces.

Garden art

Garden art

I want to adopt this kitty.

Kitty from The Creative Frog

Kitty from The Creative Frog

So many amazing painters…

Ethereal botanical

Ethereal botanical

another one…

Chris Shreve's surreal art

Chris Shreve’s surreal art

Clarissa’s creations stay with you.

Clarissa Callesen's dark art

Clarissa Callesen’s work

There are several very skilled ceramic artists again this year. I love this glaze work.

Great glazes

Great glazes

I adore Karin Mueller’s assemblages. I have two of her clocks already.

Karin Mueller's Reject Art

Karin Mueller’s Reject Art

Here’s what my Realms booth looks like this year.

My Realms

My Realms

Stop by and support local art!


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