I’m tickled to roll out my new Jojoba oil roll-on perfumes. Jojoba oil has some amazing properties. It’s suitable for all skin types and penetrates easily. It softens without being greasy and because it’s odorless, is perfect in combination with fragrance oils. Jojoba oil perfumes are a great way to keep your favorite scent fresh all day, while nourishing your skin.


Jojoba oil roll-on perfumes

Jojoba oil perfumes are available in Crystafel, Ojai, Wai’oli, Jaffna, Avalon, Veracruz, Idyllwild and Mrr. Oh, and these tubes last a long, long time.

Jojoba oil perfumes available in 8 scents

Jojoba oil perfumes available in 8 scents

holiday crafts festival

Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts

The Allied Arts Holiday Festival opened yesterday and I’m happy to be in it for the second year.

Realms holiday crafts fair

Realms space at the Holiday Arts Festival

Here’s how the table looks this year. Got a few new things: bar soap, roll-on perfumes and the room spray is in a new slender brushed aluminum tube.

Snow at our place

Heading out to do a shift at the show, but look at what arrived overnight. Going to have to leave a little early, I think.