July 7, 2011

In addition to making shadow boxes, I’ve also been making other assemblages. I’m drawn to old ceramic half dolls, formerly atop pincushions, brushes or powder jars. I’ve been pairing them with various containers, adding things here and there.

Milk glass lady

This is an old German half doll which I think works perfectly with this milk glass vanity jar.


I’ve also been pairing them with tins.

Preserving youth

This was formerly the top to an old bubble gum machine. The ceramic baby powder shaker was still filled with powder.

Shaving brush dog

I’ve also been making animal assemblages.

Animal crackers

This dog has a little pig mixed in.

New creations

July 6, 2011

I’ve been having fun in my studio making shadow boxes and other assemblages.

Image shadow box

I’m finding a few themes that are recurring: self image, love, motherhood, beauty, music and things with wings.

Sad Cupid shadow box

Some of the items I’ve collected over the years. Others I find at garage sales and on eBay.

Baby's first shoes shadow box

I fell in love with these bronzed baby shoes.

Egyptian tin

And, I’ve always had a thing for containers of any sort: tins, boxes, bottles…

Fell asleep with her tutu on shadow box

I gave this one to my sister, Debbie, who has always been a talented ballerina.

Green silk embroidered shoe shadow box

Shoes are also a recurring theme.

Angel box

And anything with wings.