Realms updates

October 23, 2013

cranberry body lotion

aBandon, my newest cranberry scent

New for the season, is my latest scent, aBandon, a sweetened cranberry. I’m making it into everything, including shaving soap. I particularly like it as a room spray.

And, in other news…

The new home for this year’s Holiday Festival of the Arts is…

1825 Cornwall Avenue at Ohio Street

This is the building kitty-corner to Bellingham High School and used to be a bingo hall, Sunshine Liquidators, and, most recently, Mayberry’s Sporting Goods.

Bonus: latte stand in the parking lot!

holiday crafts festival

Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts

The Allied Arts Holiday Festival opened yesterday and I’m happy to be in it for the second year.

Realms holiday crafts fair

Realms space at the Holiday Arts Festival

Here’s how the table looks this year. Got a few new things: bar soap, roll-on perfumes and the room spray is in a new slender brushed aluminum tube.

Snow at our place

Heading out to do a shift at the show, but look at what arrived overnight. Going to have to leave a little early, I think.

A charm-ing addition

July 1, 2009

Castle charm

Castle charm

This sweet little pewter castle charm is going to be a new addition to Realms packaging — around the necks of full size lotions, shower gels, room sprays.

Realm-eth by mail

September 18, 2008

I’ve been asked how you can buy my Realms products. You can email me at terrykaye(at) and if you’d like to preview any of the scents beforehand, just send me your mailing address and I’ll pop a swatch in the mail.

* All 8oz. lotions, shower gels and foaming hand soaps are $10 each.

* The 4oz. room sprays are also $10 each, but are probably the best buy in the line. You only need one spritz and it lasts for hours.

* All the mini shower gels and lotions are $3.50 each.

If you order 4 items to make up a gift basket, I’ll give you the organza covered basket free of charge. And of course, all shipping is extra.

Please place Christmas orders by December 1st.

Realms Gift Baskets -- smaller square baskets in foreground

Realms Gift Baskets -- smaller square baskets in foreground

Gift baskets for the Holidays

September 17, 2008

I’m putting together gift baskets for the upcoming crafts fair season. There are two sizes. The smaller square basket holds 4 lotions or shower gels in the mini-size only. The larger oval basket can be filled with all of the Realms products, including foaming hand soap and room spray. At least two of the items need to be the large 8 oz. size in order to hold the basket’s shape. I’m really pleased at how well the translucent organza wrap works.

Realms Bath & Body Line Gift Baskets
Realms Bath & Body Line Gift Baskets
Realms shower gels, lotion and room spray

Realms shower gels, lotion and room spray

I’ve always been in love with scents. Ever since I was a little girl and my best friend’s mom let us harvest the petals from her roses to make “perfume,” the fascination has grown. Now, the window ledge in the shower is full of shower gels and the cupboard full of lotions, most all of which are my own making.  I created Realms Bath and Body Line a couple years ago. I started with shower gels and lotions, then added crystal potpourri, and this year added room spray and foaming hand soap. I have these scents so far, but add more all the time. Zangezur is my latest; I just put it in the line-up last week.  It makes a luscious shower gel and hand soap.

Ripe apples from the orchard

Island pear and coconut

Honeyed citrus

Sweet blackberries blended with southwestern sage

Bright, sweet cranberry melded with an earthy musk

Sensuous ambergris

Lavender fields forever

Crisp, fresh morning after a hard rain

Romantic lavender, rose, violet and musk

Sweet scented spring waters

Chinese kumquat, bursting with citrus

Mountain jasmine at the source of rivers

Sweet vanilla orchid

A complex blend of black myrrh, amber and lavender

Sri Lankan sandalwood

Nag Champa straight out of the Summer of Love

Armenian apricot and freesia

Now in beta, thanks to my beaming, beautiful daughter-in-law, Mindy who’s expecting in January — NaPali Satin & Silk Lotion for Moms-to-be, with a healthy dose of Vitamin E oil for elasticity to prevent stretch marks. Give me a few about 4 months and I’ll let you know how it works.