Allied Arts Holiday Festival

November 13, 2011

Allied Arts Holiday Festival 2011

Getting ready for the Allied Arts holiday show. I juried for both my Realms lotions and soaps, plus the art assemblages I’ve been doing all year. So my booth is going to be a little of both.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Time Gone By

Gramophone dog

Lamp shade half doll assemblage


Eiffel Tower necklace

Been having fun with some mini shadow boxes — in necklace form. They are double-sided.

Sisters necklace

Lotus flower necklace

Turquoise butterfly necklace

Mucha necklace


Upcoming Crafts Festival

August 4, 2010

Been making lotions, shower gels, foaming handsoaps, shaving soap, etc. for weeks now, prepping for the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival (coming up Aug. 14 & 15).

Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival Poster

Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival Poster

I’m gettin’ pumped and feeling that nervous, am-I-going-to-forget-something-big feeling. But I am several deep in every scent, so the display will look full. Now, please do a sun dance for me.

So… new?

May 5, 2010

In my family, noone ever said, “So, what’s new?” It was always abbreviated to “so… new?” which made it sound even more Yiddish. ‘Course, it was usually uttered by one of my family members from my Dad’s side, who grew up in Brooklyn. And even though they all moved to California, they never could quite shake the accent.

So… here’s new: I’m slowly making all new Realms stock for the summer season. I found out I just got accepted to the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival again this year (yessss). Once I get all the products made in all scents, I’m going to build a light box and shoot all the products (lock-down shot) in anticipation of building a very small e-commerce website. This is slow going so it may be awhile.

I also have a new scent: Wai’oli — lime and verbena with a hint of coconut. It’s light and energizing. I find I’m reaching for it whenever I get into the shower lately (a big cue to me it’s a keeper). And I’m so trying to get that lime in the coconut song out of my head.

coconut lime verbena

Lime and verbena with a hint of coconut

Contest: Name my New Scent

September 1, 2009


For all my creative friends and supporters, something fun… Come up with a name for my newest Realms scent and win a gift basket. The scent is a subtle white musk that reminds me of winter, ice crystals and making snow angels in piles of powder. If you have ever visited a magical winter place…or imagined such a place…please post a comment with your best one-word name. Please have your entries in by September 28th. Don’t forget to post a way for me to get in touch with you in case your entry wins!

A charm-ing addition

July 1, 2009

Castle charm

Castle charm

This sweet little pewter castle charm is going to be a new addition to Realms packaging — around the necks of full size lotions, shower gels, room sprays.

Pomegranate unleashed

Pomegranate unleashed

Now out of beta and officially a part of  the Realms Bath and Body Line, are two new scents: Persephone and Fragaria.

Persephone is a wonderful pomegranate — earthy with just a touch of  tartness.

From Greek mythology, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Hades fell in love with Persephone and abducted her to his underworld kingdom to become his wife. Her mother, Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest, went into mourning for her lost daughter and in despair, caused all green things to stop growing. Zeus commanded Hades to return Persephone. It was the rule that anyone who consumed food or drink in the Underworld was doomed to spend eternity there. Persephone had no food, but Hades tricked her into eating a few pomegranate seeds while she was still his prisoner and so, because of this, she was condemned to spend four months in the Underworld every year.  This was how seasons came into being.

the lone strawberry

the lone strawberry

Oregon Strawberry logo

Oregon Strawberry logo

Fragaria is the genus  for strawberries and I thought it would be a perfect name for the scent.  I have added a touch of musk to this scent to mute the sweetness just a little bit. Two nearly teenage young ladies inspired me to make this scent: Leah, my precocious, smart a whip niece, and Chloe, Poem’s darling daughter, who, one day, I know will emerge out of her cocoon.

Lotion making madness

November 24, 2008

Been busy in the kitchen making lotion, replenishing supplies. Got one last show coming up December 12th and 13th at Amy Gould’s home — followed by an employees-only show at PRWeb on December 15th.

I’m also testing two different ginger scents. Mmm.

Making lotion -- a little kitchen chemistry

Making lotion -- a little kitchen chemistry

Realm-eth by mail

September 18, 2008

I’ve been asked how you can buy my Realms products. You can email me at terrykaye(at) and if you’d like to preview any of the scents beforehand, just send me your mailing address and I’ll pop a swatch in the mail.

* All 8oz. lotions, shower gels and foaming hand soaps are $10 each.

* The 4oz. room sprays are also $10 each, but are probably the best buy in the line. You only need one spritz and it lasts for hours.

* All the mini shower gels and lotions are $3.50 each.

If you order 4 items to make up a gift basket, I’ll give you the organza covered basket free of charge. And of course, all shipping is extra.

Please place Christmas orders by December 1st.

Realms Gift Baskets -- smaller square baskets in foreground

Realms Gift Baskets -- smaller square baskets in foreground

Gift baskets for the Holidays

September 17, 2008

I’m putting together gift baskets for the upcoming crafts fair season. There are two sizes. The smaller square basket holds 4 lotions or shower gels in the mini-size only. The larger oval basket can be filled with all of the Realms products, including foaming hand soap and room spray. At least two of the items need to be the large 8 oz. size in order to hold the basket’s shape. I’m really pleased at how well the translucent organza wrap works.

Realms Bath & Body Line Gift Baskets
Realms Bath & Body Line Gift Baskets

The last time I flew down to see my family, I packed my bag full of Realms gifties for my mom and sister. Even though everything was wrapped in wrapping paper and ribbon, security made me check my bag ’cause everything was the full 8 oz. size. So when I got home, I was compelled to create travel size lotions and shower gels. Hence, the birth of the mini. They have since been tested through airport security and passed with flying colors, plus the lotions don’t take up much room in a purse and have with a sturdy, leak-proof top.

Realms mini lotions and shower gels

Realms mini lotions and shower gels