Allied Arts Holiday Festival

November 13, 2011

Allied Arts Holiday Festival 2011

Getting ready for the Allied Arts holiday show. I juried for both my Realms lotions and soaps, plus the art assemblages I’ve been doing all year. So my booth is going to be a little of both.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Time Gone By

Gramophone dog

Lamp shade half doll assemblage


Eiffel Tower necklace

Been having fun with some mini shadow boxes — in necklace form. They are double-sided.

Sisters necklace

Lotus flower necklace

Turquoise butterfly necklace

Mucha necklace


holiday crafts festival

Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts

The Allied Arts Holiday Festival opened yesterday and I’m happy to be in it for the second year.

Realms holiday crafts fair

Realms space at the Holiday Arts Festival

Here’s how the table looks this year. Got a few new things: bar soap, roll-on perfumes and the room spray is in a new slender brushed aluminum tube.

Snow at our place

Heading out to do a shift at the show, but look at what arrived overnight. Going to have to leave a little early, I think.

Poem at Otion's Cold Process Soapmaking Class

Poem at Otion's Cold Process Soapmaking Class

Poem and I took a cold process soapmaking class at Otion on Saturday. I like working with the Palm and Coconut bases and especially like the Shea butter. Picking out the fragrance oils and adding the mica and oxide coloring powders is the most creative part. The lye beads are a little scary. I am really sensitive to cleaning agents and when I began to scrape the lye/water mixture, I couldn’t stop coughing. If I decide to start making soap, I am going to have to do that part out on the deck where the toxic fumes won’t be a problem.

Soap Making Class

October 1, 2008

Something I’ve wanted to do for some time is learn how to make soap, so I’ve signed up for a Cold Process Soap Making Class at Otion October 18th. Bubblelicious.

Soap By the Slice, handcrafted by Otion staff

Soap By the Slice, handcrafted by Otion staff