Finally, after all these years, I’m beginning to build my website, It’s still in its infancy and needs a ton of work, but I’m really stoked about the whole idea.


The products are almost all there and the ordering system is completely functional. Now, I’m slowly trying to learn my way through making it more of my own and adding to it.

Had some fun doing a big photo shoot with all the products. We put up the big vendor tent out in the back yard to diffuse the direct sunlight, arranged flowers, fruit and fabric and put the camera on a tripod. Here is one of the shots that resulted.


In the meantime, we’ve been doing someĀ Ferndale Public Markets on Saturdays. Really cool venue right on Main Street and alongside the Nooksack River. We’ll be there all but one Saturday in August, plus we’ll be doing the Ferndale Street Festival August 25.