Allied Arts’ 33rd Annual Festival of the Arts is officially open for the season. They have a new location this year, across the street from Geri Fields, behind Inside Pitch in the Haskell Business Park.

Some amazing work is on display. C’mon down and support local art!


Free Lotion Samples

November 12, 2012

I’m happy to announce that you can now try my lotions free of charge. Just access the contact page at, send me your mailing address and your choice of up to three scents you’d like to try.

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Realms Bath & Body lotion samples free of charge

If you’re anything like me, it’s really important to be able to test lotions out before you spend any money. I want you to be really happy with the ones you choose.

satin and silk lotion, lotion, body lotion, free lotion sample

Filling a lotion sample

I’m delighted to announce Realms Bath & Body products are now available at Artisans Northwest Gallery in Bellingham. The gallery is located at 1215 Cornwall, across from The Leopold. The space is very cool and is filled with more than 70 local artists’ work.

art gallery, artisan, northwest art, Bellingham art gallery, Bellingham gallery

Artisans Northwest Gallery, Bellingham, WA

My shea butter soaps and mini lotions are right on the counter.

lotion, body lotion, satin and silk lotion, mini lotion, shea butter soap

Realms’ soaps and lotions at Artisans Northwest

And in the case are some of my half doll assemblages, as well as shadow boxes on the wall.

assemblages, mixed media, upcycle, art, found art, vintage

My half doll assemblages in the case

Gallery owner, Marti Crisp has achieved filling the space with a variety of mediums, some very special pieces,  as well as places to lounge and enjoy.

Artisans Northwest Gallery owner, Marti Crisp

Artisans Northwest Gallery owner, Marti Crisp

The Gallery is going to be part of this Friday’s Art Walk in downtown Bellingham. Check out to see the participating venues.

Lotion, lotion scent, body lotion, moisturizing lotion

Made from champagne, blood orange, chocolate and strawberry, my newest scent: Cocomosa

I’m delighted to announce my newest scent: Cocomosa. Think Mimosas and add chocolate. It’s perfect for those cold days; warms you from your inner scent glands, out. I find myself reaching for it everyday after my shower. It’s the 18th scent in the Realms Bath & Body Line. Please don’t tell me to stop!

I’m delighted to roll out gift baskets for the holidays  — and beyond. These are filled with an 8 oz. Satin & Silk Lotion, an 8 oz. Shower Gel, moisturizing shea butter soap and a 2 oz. mini lotion, all in your favorite scent.

Gift basket

Gift basket in Hanalei scent

Thanks to Sharon Scott, owner of the Scott Collection in La Conner, for planting the seed and ordering the first basket for her store.

The gift baskets are currently available in 14 different scents. Check them out at

I’m happy to announce shaving soap refills have been added to my little online store,


The men’s is in my Jaffna scent, a great Sandalwood — and the women’s is in my Vinaerys scent, a delicate Sweet Pea. But there’s really nothing gender specific about these 🙂

I use a Bentonite clay in my soap recipe, which gives the razor extra glide.


The refills fit a wide-based mug, 2 5/8″ in diameter, so please measure your favorite mug before ordering.

Finally, after all these years, I’m beginning to build my website, It’s still in its infancy and needs a ton of work, but I’m really stoked about the whole idea.


The products are almost all there and the ordering system is completely functional. Now, I’m slowly trying to learn my way through making it more of my own and adding to it.

Had some fun doing a big photo shoot with all the products. We put up the big vendor tent out in the back yard to diffuse the direct sunlight, arranged flowers, fruit and fabric and put the camera on a tripod. Here is one of the shots that resulted.


In the meantime, we’ve been doing some Ferndale Public Markets on Saturdays. Really cool venue right on Main Street and alongside the Nooksack River. We’ll be there all but one Saturday in August, plus we’ll be doing the Ferndale Street Festival August 25.


New Women's Shaving Mug & Boar Bristle Brush

When I was a little girl, I remember sitting on the bathroom counter, watching my Dad shave. He had a substantial ceramic shaving mug. He would get the water steaming hot before he soaked his brush and then work the soap into a thick lather.

It made an impression on me. A few years back, I began making men’s shaving soap in my Jaffna scent (a great sandalwood). My husband Kev, who has a heavy beard, was my tester.  I finally came up with a winning recipe where I add Bentonite clay, which allows the razor to glide easier. He swears by it, saying it gives him the smoothest shave he’s ever had. Even around his Adam’s Apple, the razor never gets hung up. One day, I tried it  and was so pleased, that I ended up putting a mug in the shower permanently.

It got me wondering if other women might like it.

So, I am pleased to announce the debut of my new rose colored shaving mug for women. The set includes a thick boar bristle brush and my own shaving soap in a brand new scent: Vinaerys, a delicate sweet pea. The set is now part of my Realms family.


Realms family: (front, left to right) men's shaving mug, mini-lotion, Jojoba oil roll-on perfume & shea butter soaps, (back row left to right) foaming hand soap, women's shaving mug, 8 oz. lotion, 8 oz. shower gel & non-aerosol room spray.


Here’s how the table looks this year. There was room to add a tall, skinny shelf to the right — perfect for some of my assemblages.

Here’s to buying handmade and local. Cheers!

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Allied Arts Holiday Festival

November 13, 2011

Allied Arts Holiday Festival 2011

Getting ready for the Allied Arts holiday show. I juried for both my Realms lotions and soaps, plus the art assemblages I’ve been doing all year. So my booth is going to be a little of both.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Time Gone By

Gramophone dog

Lamp shade half doll assemblage


Eiffel Tower necklace

Been having fun with some mini shadow boxes — in necklace form. They are double-sided.

Sisters necklace

Lotus flower necklace

Turquoise butterfly necklace

Mucha necklace