Realms updates

October 23, 2013

cranberry body lotion

aBandon, my newest cranberry scent

New for the season, is my latest scent, aBandon, a sweetened cranberry. I’m making it into everything, including shaving soap. I particularly like it as a room spray.

And, in other news…

The new home for this year’s Holiday Festival of the Arts is…

1825 Cornwall Avenue at Ohio Street

This is the building kitty-corner to Bellingham High School and used to be a bingo hall, Sunshine Liquidators, and, most recently, Mayberry’s Sporting Goods.

Bonus: latte stand in the parking lot!


Searching for a fall scent

September 19, 2008

Every year I’ve lived here in the northwest, there has been one definitive day that says fall has arrived. Today is the day. It’s grey and dripping out, after many glorious days of late summer sun. Every so often driving along, a vine maple pops out among the green, proudly wearing shades of orange and red. At this time of year too, my nose seeks the warmth of rich gourd scents and spice, rather than light florals and summer fruits. So, I’m hunting for a new scent that says autumn.

Autumn on Ellis Street (last year)

Autumn on Ellis Street last year