pink carnation

In honor of moms everywhere, I bring you Dianamour, my newest scent. It is a very realistic carnation, that brings me back to when I was a little girl walking to school and passed by my neighbor’s carnation bush. I would walk slower, drinking in its intoxicating scent.

From the scientific name Dianthus, it roughly translates to flower of love or flower of the gods, depending on the source.  The carnation’s history dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. The pink carnation in particular symbolizes a mother’s undying love.


So… new?

May 5, 2010

In my family, noone ever said, “So, what’s new?” It was always abbreviated to “so… new?” which made it sound even more Yiddish. ‘Course, it was usually uttered by one of my family members from my Dad’s side, who grew up in Brooklyn. And even though they all moved to California, they never could quite shake the accent.

So… here’s new: I’m slowly making all new Realms stock for the summer season. I found out I just got accepted to the Coupeville Arts & Crafts Festival again this year (yessss). Once I get all the products made in all scents, I’m going to build a light box and shoot all the products (lock-down shot) in anticipation of building a very small e-commerce website. This is slow going so it may be awhile.

I also have a new scent: Wai’oli — lime and verbena with a hint of coconut. It’s light and energizing. I find I’m reaching for it whenever I get into the shower lately (a big cue to me it’s a keeper). And I’m so trying to get that lime in the coconut song out of my head.

coconut lime verbena

Lime and verbena with a hint of coconut

I want to thank you for your wonderful ideas. They definitely got the creative juices flowing. Many of the suggestions were mythical realms from novels, which for copyright infringement reasons, I did not want to completely plagiarize. However, one suggestion, Winterfel, one of the kingdoms in the amazing George R.R. Martin fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, really struck a chord. Combining that with various words for ice crystals, the name Crystafel evolved.

Gifties are forthcoming for Cari (which means you have to visit Bellingham!), Kay and Linda Sue, whose suggestion of Snowman Poop still has me cracking up.

Contest: Name my New Scent

September 1, 2009


For all my creative friends and supporters, something fun… Come up with a name for my newest Realms scent and win a gift basket. The scent is a subtle white musk that reminds me of winter, ice crystals and making snow angels in piles of powder. If you have ever visited a magical winter place…or imagined such a place…please post a comment with your best one-word name. Please have your entries in by September 28th. Don’t forget to post a way for me to get in touch with you in case your entry wins!

Searching for a fall scent

September 19, 2008

Every year I’ve lived here in the northwest, there has been one definitive day that says fall has arrived. Today is the day. It’s grey and dripping out, after many glorious days of late summer sun. Every so often driving along, a vine maple pops out among the green, proudly wearing shades of orange and red. At this time of year too, my nose seeks the warmth of rich gourd scents and spice, rather than light florals and summer fruits. So, I’m hunting for a new scent that says autumn.

Autumn on Ellis Street (last year)

Autumn on Ellis Street last year